Friday, August 14, 2009

Tierce at Raven's War

RAVENSLEY -- Tierce for Baron stickers sold well during Raven's War, bringing the amount of money destined for the Principality Travel Fund to $30. Once Tierce starts selling other stickers and memorabilia of his epic battle for the Baronial chair, we fully expect this amount to run rapidly to $100. Tierce also presented a sticker to Her Highness Chiara, which was graciously received.

Tierce spent a lot of time in his future yurt (which was not completed as planned due to unforeseen problems, hopefully solved this weekend), but also visited the people of Ravensley, listening to their concerns.

On Monday, Tierce was an instrumental part of the Barony Meeting, volunteering to act as a "cheerleader" for the Barony. Promoting a positive attitude towards the Barony has always been one of Tierce's goals.