Saturday, March 20, 2010

What really happened

There has been a lot of talk about what really happened at Daffodil... well I wasn't there, but here's my opinion:

After a long, heartfelt discussion, Mischa and Meredith decided that they just could not compete with my leadership skills, charm and all around awesome Baronial qualities. I know that they meant it for the best when they decided not to continue with the Baronial bid.

It's not really surprising, because neither Mischa nor Meredith is really as adept at flattening their ears or wagging their tails as I am. In fact, not to be discriminatory or anything, but they don't even have tails. While I certainly don't advocate prejudice, everyone's got to see that this is a material disadvantage.

I wish Mischa and Meredith all the best and can only be relieved that this has come to pass. Since there were three Baronial candidates in my household, it put a great strain on friendly relations, especially since one of the other Baronial candidates actually lives with me mundanely. Now that the way is clear, I am confident that I can count on their whole-hearted support for my successful bid.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tierce does not go to Daffodil

It was a major oversight, but Tierce did not go to Daffodil. He spent the week in comfort at home, but was disconsolate to see his retinue leave. He spent a pleasant weekend, however.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Japanese website acknowledges Tierce as Baron

A cartoon depiction of Tierce has assured us that a Japanese website (technically in the West Kingdom) has recognized Tierce's potential as Baron for the Upper Island.

"This dog is obviously Tierce," said one source. "Look at the coronet! Look at the Shiba markings! Just because we don't know what the website says doesn't mean that we don't know what it really means. It just proves that Tierce's influence is being felt far beyond his home Barony."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tierce leads the charge to the Hartwood Barony

Tierce discussing the proposed Hartwood Barony with interested parties.

Due to a one-of-a-kind chance offered to the shires of Hartwood, Cragmere and Ravens Ley, the three groups have the chance to become a Barony months sooner under the banner of Hartwood. Hartwood, the oldest shire of the three, has been in existence for nearly 20 years and has a good track record of participation.

Tierce has been closeted, lo these many months, hammering out the new Charter, which he assures his readers, will be much better than the old Charter. "It's going to be a lot better than the old Charter," a spokesperson assured the populace. "Tierce merely wants to make sure that he gets all the control which, you have to agree, will simplify things for everyone."

There has been some opposition from people who think that the reins of power should not be given to a dog, which shocks Tierce's supporters. "I don't know what they're talking about," said Scathach, Tierce's publicist, "It's like they can't handle the fact that their awards and ceremonies are now going to depend on whether they brought the right kind of sausage to Court."

Accusations of speciesism are currently tainting the Baronial race, as some people are raising the question of whether it's morally right to deny a dog the Baronial chair because of some trifling concerns about proper representation and whether the Baron is actually aware of what's going on around him.

"I mean, look, he's NEUTERED!" said an unidentified Tierce supporter, "How many people running for Baron can say the same?"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tierce Discusses Barony at Cragmere Meeting

Tierce Discusses Barony at Cragmere Meeting

This is a photo of a recent Cragmere meeting where Tierce, along with certain other Baronial candidates, discussed the future of Wulfhurst and the concerns of the baronial populace.

Tierce's eloquent discourse and self-denial in not eating SCA paperwork brought tears to the eyes of some who witnessed this historic event.

"I can't believe he's so self-possessed!" claimed one observer. "It's like he was trained for this from puppyhood."

No one knows if Tierce's baronial excellence is innate or has been carefully fostered in him, but one thing is for sure: he is still very much in contention for the Baronial chair.