Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tierce leads the charge to the Hartwood Barony

Tierce discussing the proposed Hartwood Barony with interested parties.

Due to a one-of-a-kind chance offered to the shires of Hartwood, Cragmere and Ravens Ley, the three groups have the chance to become a Barony months sooner under the banner of Hartwood. Hartwood, the oldest shire of the three, has been in existence for nearly 20 years and has a good track record of participation.

Tierce has been closeted, lo these many months, hammering out the new Charter, which he assures his readers, will be much better than the old Charter. "It's going to be a lot better than the old Charter," a spokesperson assured the populace. "Tierce merely wants to make sure that he gets all the control which, you have to agree, will simplify things for everyone."

There has been some opposition from people who think that the reins of power should not be given to a dog, which shocks Tierce's supporters. "I don't know what they're talking about," said Scathach, Tierce's publicist, "It's like they can't handle the fact that their awards and ceremonies are now going to depend on whether they brought the right kind of sausage to Court."

Accusations of speciesism are currently tainting the Baronial race, as some people are raising the question of whether it's morally right to deny a dog the Baronial chair because of some trifling concerns about proper representation and whether the Baron is actually aware of what's going on around him.

"I mean, look, he's NEUTERED!" said an unidentified Tierce supporter, "How many people running for Baron can say the same?"

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