Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Japanese website acknowledges Tierce as Baron

A cartoon depiction of Tierce has assured us that a Japanese website (technically in the West Kingdom) has recognized Tierce's potential as Baron for the Upper Island.

"This dog is obviously Tierce," said one source. "Look at the coronet! Look at the Shiba markings! Just because we don't know what the website says doesn't mean that we don't know what it really means. It just proves that Tierce's influence is being felt far beyond his home Barony."


  1. That says "let's amass points and exchange with cash or gift cards"
    The Basset-like dog at left is introduced as "Euro" and Shiba-like one as "Dollar dog".
    I don't get what do they do with points anyway.

  2. Thank you for the laugh!! Of course Tierce should be Baron!