Saturday, March 20, 2010

What really happened

There has been a lot of talk about what really happened at Daffodil... well I wasn't there, but here's my opinion:

After a long, heartfelt discussion, Mischa and Meredith decided that they just could not compete with my leadership skills, charm and all around awesome Baronial qualities. I know that they meant it for the best when they decided not to continue with the Baronial bid.

It's not really surprising, because neither Mischa nor Meredith is really as adept at flattening their ears or wagging their tails as I am. In fact, not to be discriminatory or anything, but they don't even have tails. While I certainly don't advocate prejudice, everyone's got to see that this is a material disadvantage.

I wish Mischa and Meredith all the best and can only be relieved that this has come to pass. Since there were three Baronial candidates in my household, it put a great strain on friendly relations, especially since one of the other Baronial candidates actually lives with me mundanely. Now that the way is clear, I am confident that I can count on their whole-hearted support for my successful bid.

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